I’ve waited for this my entire life!

I’m a Queen fan since grade school and seeing Freddie Mercury come to life in the big screen is a big thing for me. It’s just so fascinating to hear the world shout his name once more.

Freddie influenced me in many ways. Because of him, I learned how to love life, and at the same time to give zero fucks to haters! lol Also, I admire him for being passionate in his work. He is truly a man of art! Everything about him is just so extra, regal - iconic!

I’ve read his biographies, watched documentaries, watched his interviews and Queen songs are definitely must be on my playlist.

Well, about the movie, I say it’s very good! Although, it isn’t exactly accurate (lol yeah I observe even the smallest detail like for instance Jim Hutton and Freddie didn’t really meet that way…etc.) It’s understandable considering the fact that they try to fit the story of the rise of an iconic band into a movie with an hour (or so) length.

They also left out the beautiful love story that bloomed between him and Jim Hutton… well this isn’t all about Freddie after all, this is about the band. hahahaha sorry, I know.

And I think how they portrayed Freddie as a very lonely man is kind of … well not really (well in my opinion) that true. He lived his life to the fullest. He had the time of his life. He throws parties not for strangers but for his friends. He was also surrounded by beautiful people such as his New York daughters as he calls them, Elton John, Joe Fanelli, Peter Freestone etc.

But hey, the casting was PERFECT. No one could ever do it better as much as Rami Malek did! Also, Gwilym Lee resemblance with Brian May himself was freakin uncanny! Joseph Mazello also looked so much like John Deacon! I kinda have to always remind myself that they aren’t the real ones. LOL

I also love the way the movie narrated the story between Freddie and Mary Austin. There’s just something about these two that inspires me to find a love like the two of them shares.

Overall, this movie was beautiful! It’s a must watch! It’ll make you laugh, and cry - it’ll give you all sorts of emotions.

I love Freddie Mercury. I love Queen. I love their songs. They’re brilliant, musical geniuses!