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well as you may look at this quote our life is nothing without a little of adventurous but who knows this is mine not yours so enjoy!

this actually happen in my life where i found it really boring during holiday where i dontknowwhatiwanttodo.

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typical me.

by the way i have a hobby. drawing but not really because it has been long time i left it -_-". my childhood life was not like others people where they went for a walk play in the park with friends. mine just stay at home played with my one and only sibling i have. well there's no one to blame for it because that just show how much loved my family towards us .

ignore the extra protectiveness i got from my fam. although it's quite annoying at first but who cares that's the way their love is.


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5 reason why life isso boring

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1) u have an awesome childhood
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2) repeating the same routine
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3)afraid to take on challenges
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4)you read my boring article
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5)i'm not include in your life
sincerely money,