It has been awhile since my last article so this one will be a rather personal one. The topic is evidently relatable to most people i would say.

Despite the way I feel, I think i am just scared to admit I like you. I have never been so sure of my feelings, so that terrifies me.
That isn't the only reason, but the fact that I know there is a 0% chance of us ever getting together would only bring me more sadness. Simply talking and seeing you already makes me happy so I guess that means I like you right? If i'm wrong i beg someone to tell me I'm wrong so I won't feel as hurt as I am feeling right now. I was never rejected by you, but the feeling feels just the same as being rejected even while we never dated. Sounds insane, maybe I'm not even making any sense. It's complicated; feelings that is. However, what I am sure of is that I should focus on the present; the moment right now instead of the future. I should avoid imagining the future when the day comes where we are strangers again, talking less and getting busier as we age. We might never see each other again, have conversations or even forget our entire existence itself in 10 years. And for that reason, I am scared to love someone. If i can't even like someone properly, how can I love?

I can't help it.

I really do like you.

Perhaps it is for the better that no feelings were involved; and so it shall stay that way until the day we part ways.