Today is dedicated against bullying, so here is an old poem/open letter to those who made me realise that people are cruel when life is beautiful.

Dear bully,
I forgive all the things you have done
All those times you were mean
You smashed me into pieces, then walked on the ashes of me
Pieces I try to fix now
Just know it really isn't easy
But I forgive all the things you said
Bullets from your mouth ripping on my bare skin
I wasn't prepared, you were probably scared
In the end there is no one to blame
I sure tried to understand
Were you not loved enough so you had to hate on somebody else ?
Were you so unhappy you chose to turn someone else's life into a nightmare ?
Were you simply bored and it was a fun game to play ?
I don't care, that's fine now
You did what you did, you said what you said
The past is passed
I don't wish you the best, nor the worst
And it took me a lot of time and strength
But I can finally say it today
As the sun rises on something bright beginning :

Dear bully,
I sincerely forgive you