Lately I've been into K-Pop so much, it's the only thing I listen to, and I regret absolutely nothing, I've learn so much about the cultureand the country and I found it fascinating, I'm trully in love with it.
I've been listening to a couple of groups and I wanted to share some of my fave songs of them with you.

Serendipity - BTS

One of my favorite songs from BTS, the lyrics are really soft and Jimin's voice is absolutely precious (protect my baby), the visuals from the MV are art.

gif, idol, and serendipity image bts, jimin, and kpop image Image by jungkook army, idols, and bangtan boys image
"You’re my penicillium, saving me, saving me My angel, my world I’m your Calico cat, here to see you Love me now, touch me now"

Dream in a Dream - TEN

Well this man is art, is the only word I can find to describe him, his voice is so smooth, the visuals from the MV and his dancing, goddamnit

aesthetic, iphone, and kpop image Image removed Image removed johnny, ten, and jaehyun image
"I’m staying up, I don’t wanna come down from your love We’ll get lost together, let me fall Don’t ever let me come down from your love"

Yestoday - NCT U

Personally I feel attacked with this song, can we just please talk about Doyoung's voice and Lucas's rap?
I also like the lyrics and I enjoy the four of them being together in a song, their voices match properly

empathy, smtown, and nct image empathy, singer, and smtown image empathy, smtown, and minhyung image empathy, smtown, and nct image
"Filled with all these empty moments not feeling anymore now in the midst of an abyss I'm sorry for yesterday but today's me doesn't know you"

She's in the Rain - The Rose

The whole mini album of them gets me every time, OMG, I'm in love with it, their voices are so smooth and beautiful, the first time I heard this song, not lying I cried like a baby

Image removed kpop, the rose, and dojoon image dawn, dojoon, and the rose image boys, comeback, and hojoon image
"She's in the rain You wanna hurt yourself I'll stay with you You wanna make yourself go through the pain It's better to be held than holding on"


Just 4 words: I LOVE MY BABIES (just wanted you to know that Dreamies are my weakness)

nct dream, nct, and mark image Image removed nct dream, nct, and mark image Image removed
"we're so young, we're so freaky"

Move -Taemin

Dear Lee Taemin, HOW YOU DARE TO BE THAT HOT? OMG, the dancing on the MV Yeez, I mean, his hips move like so dang sexy and the lyrics, okay, I'm deceased

Temporarily removed Move, on stage, and SHINee image gif, dance, and Move image gif, SHINee, and kpop image
"You got got the rhythm Under the dark lights Your moves captivate me Your elegant gestures, secretive looks"

Magic Shop - BTS

This song makes me cry every single time, I absolutely love listening to it with headphones on, in my room when it's dark, so I can turn on my fairy lights, the vibes are absolutely chill, ahaha

korean, kpop, and Lyrics image Image removed Image removed jin, v, and wallpaper image
"On days where I hate myself for being me, on days where I want to disappear forever Let's make a door. It's in your heart Open the door and this place will await Magic Shop"

Baby Don't Stop - NCT U

Okay, so Ten and Taeyong dare to make one of the sexiest songs, and Jesus Christ, the dance to the songs is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, Ten's dancing is one of my favorite things ever

Image by Soul ĸpop, lee тaeyong, and тaeyong image kpop, ten, and taeyong image aeѕтнeтιc, ncт υ, and вaвy don'т ѕтop image
"Stay clay sketch dirt dough I’m gonna knead your body"

Fire Truck - NCT127

Since I listened to the remix version of this song on Apple Music, I've been obsessed with it, Idk why but I just lose it when I hear the "Sobangcha" word hahahaha

mark, jaehyun, and yuta image group, kpop, and mark image group, kpop, and mark image group, kpop, and mark image
"Aye, yeah, yeah, yeah Hands up if you feelin' the vibe now Aye, yeah, yeah, yeah One step, two steps, go!"

Drippin' - NCT DREAM

Can someone please tell me who let Mark write this? When I first read the lyrics I was choking, I was totally shook, I'm still, OMG, I couldn't belive my babies were singing that kind of stuff, I don't complain, but anyways

mark lee, jaemin, and jisung image nct dream, jaemin, and jisung image Temporarily removed mark, jaemin, and jisung image
"I'll fill you with my everything Slowly, it'll all fill up And you'll fall deep Dripping, dripping, dripping"


This song puts me in a really good mood, my boys look handsome as freak, I love my Vernon boy omg (I'm sorry guys, I'm multi biased)

kpop, mv, and Seventeen image clap, kpop, and Seventeen image kpop, Seventeen, and clap image clap, seungkwan, and kpop image
"Why does this only happen to me? Weekends disappear at the blink of an eye If you think this is you Come gather here"

Hellevator - Stray Kids

CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT FELIX'S VOICE? OMG, DAMN BOYYYYYY, btw, I really like the lyrics, I sorta feel related to some parts of it, the vocals are precious, I love how the beat changes, this wasn't the first Stray Kids's song I listened to, but I really liked it

felix, han, and in image gifs, gif, and k-pop image kpop, Chan, and felix image Image by Ynoanne André
"My life’s at a rock bottom’s cliff I’m walking in a dark tunnel I’m holding up This cruel, dreadful day alone"

Treasure - Ateez

I just found about Ateez on their debut day, I really liked them, I feel like they actually can become far, they are so good, you should definetely check them out, you won't regret it, they do have some good songs just as Pirate King and Twilight (check out Treasure and Pirate King's MV rn, anyways I'll be adding them to the spotify playlist)

kpop, treasure, and ateez image Image removed kpop, yunho, and jongho image ateez image
"Let's leave far away It's calling us, the Treasure Let's go quickly, let's found it Oh every day every night"

Don't Wanna Cry - SEVENTEEN

Another great song from this babies, ugh, again the lyrics get me, OMG, btw just wanted you to know that Vernon, S.Coups and Minghao are my boys

dino, jun, and Seventeen image kpop, Seventeen, and performance team image kpop, Seventeen, and performance team image 17, aesthetic, and alternative image
"I don't wanna cry Because I love you, because the word I love you Is not enough even if I say any word I cared for only you but you left me Where did you go? Did you go far away Because you hate me?"

Whiplash - NCT127

The first time I read the lyrics I was like "DAAAMN BOIII" and then I saw the interview where Taeyong says he wrote the song thinking about his sister and I was like "the only thing that matters is that you believe what you are saying"

Image removed kpop, taeyong, and lee taeyong image kpop, mark, and nct 127 image taeil, nct, and moon taeil image
"My body is reacting, quickly Shorty give me whip-whiplash Shorty give me whip-whiplash Rather than your sweet words I need you to be honest Shorty give me whip-whiplash"

Born Singer - BTS

Even though this song is a cover I really like it, it's one of my dreams to hear it live and cry myself out

bts, 🐰, and 🍪 image bts, jimin, and jungkook image bts, jin, and kpop image Temporarily removed
"I'm a born singer just a bit late to confess ( I swear ) There's a mirage right here always far from me ( Yes, it's here ) I'm a born singer just a bit early to confess Anyway I'm so happy I'm good"

Try Again - Jaehyun

This boy is trying to kill me, his voice is perfect, smooth, calm, OMG, I love him, btw, can we talk about that his entire self is art?

Image removed nct, jaehyun, and kpop image Image removed nct, jaehyun, and kpop image
"You should know that I’m always on your side Please remember My answer is you"

Everythingoes - RM

Okay, I need to admit that the first time I heard this song while I was reading the lyrics I cried a lot, I'm not lying when I tell you that I cried like 12 minutes straight, I still get chills and my eyes start watering when I listen to it, in this song, Namjoon told me everything I needed to listen, he told me that everything is going to pass, that everything goes, no matter how bad it is, it passes someday.

headers, seoul, and tokyo image headers, seoul, and tokyo image hq, kpop, and rm image hq, kpop, and rm image
"It all passes Someday For sure Certainly"

I hope you liked this playlist, I'm for sure doing another one because I have so many faves that they couldn't fit in just one post. (If you find any misspelling, I'm sorry, English isn't my first language hehehe).

Here I leave you the spotify link to the playlist, enjoy!