minseok ;

  • kokobop
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so kokobop unnie is finally dead lmao but this was a hundred percent minseok's era, i mean, he owned the eve stages as if they were his BTICHHHH and dont let me get started on the nail polish ughhh and his blue highlights for the teaser pics of kokobop??? a whole icon wow

minseok's cbx era: blooming days

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he looks LEGIT out of an anime with that blue hair and those big eyes, he really can pull any look and i love that his stylists dared to dye his hair such a bold color like light blue. he is BEAUTIFUL and this era just proves that

junmyeon ;

  • for life
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technically just a winter album and not a whole era but it has an mv and an album so... bitcH let me collect my feelings... MY BOY KILLED this song, no, this entire album. his voice just suit this song so much and he puts so much feeling into everything he does. ballads are really his forte and i can totally say that this song was practically made for him. i love junmyeon's voice and he just excels at everything he does but this era to me is just wow

yixing ;

  • tempo
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okay so homeboy was just like 0.2secs on the mv but he slayed my whole existence. i know this isnt entirely an ot9 comeback and that yixing almost didn't participate at all, but yall cant tell me he doesnt look fINE AS FUCk with blonde hair and blue contacts. i just can't wait to see him fully back and dancing to this song, and kokobop, and the eve and everything i missed
  • bonus era (bc yixing is my bias and this deserves to be here) ; monster
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im sorry so im whipped for yixing and he literally can pull a song out of his ass and ill be like damn its lit so i HAD to include this in here becauSE ITS TOO ICONIC TO NOT EVEN MENTION IT. monster was yixing's era, there, i said it. he just owned the whole badass concept and he slayed the choreography and vocals, and that part where he highfives jongin and the two best dancers in the world dance next to each other??? we stan


  • lotto
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baekhyun is a good looking little shit and he knows that, and he surely owns that too. he, as per usual, just killed with his amazing vocals, his stage presence is no joke and he LOVED this concept, he was truly living it. also that lipstick chateau part ajkdjakdj my ass wasnt ready to be owned like that
  • baekhyun's cbx era ; hey mama
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i ABSOLUTELY loved this era in every member but baekhyun just stood out to me. this era just proved that he really fits any concept and owns every song that's given to him. his red hair, yellow lenses and freckles are a huge plus wow i stan

jongdae ;

  • love me right
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we seriously don't talk enough about love me right jongdae, he was such an icon lmao i miss him. okay so everybody is always praising jongdae's vocals (and rightfully tbh) but he's also an amazing dancer as well. if he hasnt proved himself in earlier eras then this was it, because this choreography is kind of hard and he completely nailed it. he was in his element and it was obvious that he truly enjoyed this era as much as i enjoyed watching him. he's an all rounder and that's the tea wow your faves could never
  • jongdae's cbx era ; horololo
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okay so i dont know if japanese title tracks count as actual eras but if so THIS was jongdae's. boy just slays everything he's in and this was no exception. his vocals are just out of this world and he fits this concept so well. his dancing, expressions and charisma are always on point and he's just amazing help im in love. (those bangs were tragic but he somehow pulled it out? idk)

chanyeol ;

  • power
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its no secret that chanyeol is a huge puppy. he's such a happy and kindhearted boy and everything he does is just so cheerful and lively, so no wonder he suits this types of concepts the best. he 1000% owned that blue hair, and he looked so happy and smiley on stage that i'm sure everyone would agree with me on this. he truly enjoyed himself in this era and im sure he totally LOVED this whole superheroes concept. this song suits him so well too, and he truly shined on stage being the sunshine that he is man i love him

kyungsoo ;

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again, a winter album. universe is my favorite out of all the winter special songs and that is enterely because of kyungsoo's vocal. he's known as one of the best vocalist of kpop and i think that's an understatement tbh. he's just that amazing, he pours his soul out in any song he sings and his voice just suits any song he's given, like, ballads? his bestests. jazzy songs? he's got u. pop songs? hold on ur wigs. he's just that talented and his VOICE is insane. universe is truly a masterpiece and kyungsoo's voice is too.
  • bonus era ; tempo
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again im sorry for my indecisiveness but i HAD to add this here too. i have a lot to say about kyungsoo in tempo but first of all HE HAS HAIR lmao we've seen eggsoo for so long i was starting to get worried but wigsoo is back and stronger than ever, taking yall's wigs for every second he spent bald lmao tbch i WASNT READY to see kyungsoo's teaser but sM just DROPPED them out like that and a bitch cried and that bitch was me. we got a whole 7 seconds of CENTER KYUNGSOO and my skin was clear, my grades went up, my sins were forgiven, my thirst was clenched. i cannot describe how much i love tempo kyungsoo or just kyungsoo in general

jongin ;

  • call me baby
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okay so i remember when cmb came out and the whole youtube comment section was like damn who's that on the black and white pants, or who's that with the headphones at the beginning, or stuff like that and everyone outside the fandom wondered who tf jongin was because hES SO DAMN FINE. and he just gives that whole james dean vibe. i believe he excels and stands out at every concept but call me baby is just special. he truly did wonders with his dancing there, his presence is no joke and even now i cant take my eyes off of him whenever he appears on screen. he's just THAT powerful yaknow honestly homeboy could just dab and ill drop on my knees so fast yall call me sportacus but thats not the point

sehun ;

  • tempo
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wow queen tempo is named like nine times in here what a skinny legend lmao honestly im sorry but i think its normal after the exo drought we suffered that tempo sounds like the best song i ever heard okay... i believe that sehun is an amazing rapper and an equally amazing dancer but we can barely see this because his lines are almost as short as my unexistent dick and hes always pushed at the back but sm seemed to be like okay so king sehun deserves better and they gave him a WHOLE FIRE ASS RAP and CENTER and yall cant even IMAGIne the mental breakdown i had. he just made tempo his bitch, he just made everyone his bitch tbh he just has THAT bad bitch impact and i'll be honored if he ever slapped me in the face. his red hair is iconic, his lines are iconic, his dancing is iconic, his stage presence is iconic and thats tea, but what is also tea, however, is that i love sehun