3; 00 am
-I can't sleep
My mind is exhausted
I'm exhausted
Overthinking is killing me slowly
A lot of questions with no answers found
Missing him so bad
I've became a ghost
Tears fall down every second
My eyes are burning
Thoughts and memories of you
Always come and hunt me down in the middle of the night
Night visitors start to appear more and more
They are going to kill me
I can tell
After they hear the clock
Tick tock
And they know its midnight
They appear and try to kill me
They make my tears fall down
And rip my heart out
They try to take my soul
And my life away
And I scream and yell
''Is anybody here to help me, please I'm dying and i cant breath ''
But no
There's no here
And I can't even speak
The words aren’t coming out of my mouth
It's like someone had took my throat away
And there's nothing I can do about it
So I have to wait until I can finally wake up
And be able to breathe…
It’s a panic attack I face every night

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