Image by Lexie<3

Day 1-How was your October?

My October was alright I guess, I got candy for days though.

Day 2- What is my favorite sport?

Cheerleading, even though I took a tiny break this year from it cheer was hands down the best thing that has ever happen to me

Day 3- Current relationship status?

Is crushing one? If so, I am definitely crushing. hehe

Day 4-Say one thing/person you're grateful for.

I am grateful for my mom and my princess I love her so much and she is getting so big so fast. She is my baby cousin

been with her since the moment she got home.

Day 5-Longest ft call?

My longest facetime was I believe 4 hours at least. and if you were wondering what we were talking about we got in a legit argument over chicken nuggets and how much they cost at burger king.

Day 6-Describe your last relationship.


Day 7- An ex you would take back?

I don't know, to be honest, it is stressful cause I got school still and I wanna do good in school and not disappoint family, so yeah but don't attack me though I do wanna date just not right now and I wanna find one who is a keeper.

-This was my very first article ever sooooooo don't come at me if I messed up or if it ain't cute enough lmao, anyways hope you guys a great day my loveliessssssss te amo mucho muah.