Holaaaa sweetie piesss!!!

A little late but it's because my internet was f*ck up

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When three working class kids were given scholarships to Spain's most elite high school, they thought they were in for their big break. But when one of their classmates turns up dead, everyone is under question. Welcome to Las Encinas this is a Netflix original , I really love it so ,stay tuned for a review... Plus #teamNazman
American Horror Story : Apocalypse
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I just love AHS and this season it's amazing , btw I don't know if it's okay that I love Michael cause he is so handsome and sometimes cute but in a evil way
Riverdale: season 3
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This show has me with mini heart attacks.
Twenty One Pilots new album : TRENCH
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Love this with my heart and soul
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I have bandanas for too long, but I never use them, and one day I said "you're for something" and now I love them.
Water bottles
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Lifesaver literally, it's getting hotter here in South America
Spooky movies
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I enjoyed Disney specials and movies based in Stephen King's books
Halloween candies
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I love those who paints tongues
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Got me f*ck up with allergies but still I love them

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