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Name: Circe Minerva Bishop

Birthdate: May 20th, 2002

Family: Dad (warlock) and Grandmother (Witch)


dove cameron and purple hair image henna, tattoo, and nails image nails, red, and aesthetic image girl, eyes, and green image
Circe has blonde hair but she dyes her hair purple, she normally has henna on her hands, she always has on ether red or black polish and she has green eyes with thick brows and is 5'2.


Temporarily removed cat, sarcasm, and quotes image quotes, life, and short image aesthetic, brain, and clever image quotes, humble, and bitch image quotes, words, and kind image
Bold, sarcastic, doesn't care what people think of her, intelligent, humble and kind


fashion, clothes, and jacket image fashion, outfit, and skirt image style, fashion, and clothes image fashion, outfit, and style image
Circe's style is a mixed of casual, minimalistic and edgy and she doesn't wear a lot of colour


adorable, fun, and golden girls image
amazing, funny, and golden girls image
Her grandmother is as sassy, savage, sarcastic and witty as the ladies on golden girls

Circe's mom (witch) died when she was 10 then her grandmother moved in. Her father made her start archery and martial arts. As time went on her father threw himself into his work. Circe got close to her grandmother.


Temporarily removed asia, badass, and martial arts image piano, music, and black image bird, ballet, and dance image

Her father wanted her to learn archery and martial arts so Circe can defend herself without magic. Circe's Grandmother taught her how to play the piano. Circe started ballet when she was 5 and has done ballet since.


snake, animal, and rainbow image
Circe's familiar is named Ruby


gif, pretty, and style image sabrina, satan, and witch image
Circe's friends are Prudence and Sabrina

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