Hello, lovely hearters! Happy Wednesday. I hope you've had a great day so far.

I know I talk a lot about stress, but honestly, everyone deals with it one way or another. Either we're stressing over life, school, or both (it's usually both).

For college students, the semester is almost over. Finals are upon us and professors are piling up on essays and we have to depend on other people in order to get our work done and turned in on time. It's a complete and total nightmare.

To be completely honest, I am physically and emotionally drained right now. I have a half-time job, online classes, and a social life (that's practically non-existent) to obtain. Not to mention the little projects I want to make, such as devotions, Bible journaling, and writing articles for you guys.

But I'm pushing through it. Or I'm trying to, anyway.

I have compiled a list of ways to help you not only stay more focused in school during this stressful season, but also how to relieve that stress and take your day back.

1. Plan Everything in Advance.

Okay, this is basically a no-brainier but we're all human and tend to forget assignments when we're overwhelmed. One thing I've started doing is bullet journaling, where I can make my own calendar and work things around in my own personal way.

When writing everything down, make sure you write it in a system that might be easy and helpful for you. As an example, this is how I not everything down in advance:

Upcoming Assignments:

  • Creative Writing - Poetry (due November 12)
  • College Success - Exam and Self-Assessment (due November 13)
  • Critical Thinking - Essay (due November 14)
  • Children's Literature - Peter Rabbit, Ugly Duckling, Emporer's New Clothes responses (due November 19)
  • Creative Writing - Final (due December 3)
  • Children's Literature - Final (due December 3)

Then from there on out, put them in the appropriate slots on a calendar. (It also doesn't hurt to color code them, too!)

2. Make A Playlist

I have always found that whenever I listen to music best suited for the situation I am in, I feel a lot better than I did before. I know I've mentioned this many times, but this honestly works.

Find soothing or positive songs that make you feel more relaxed and happy. Put them in a playlist (title it however you like) and then press play whenever you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

What's in your stress-free playlist?

3. Wear Comfortable Clothing.

Okay, so this one is easy for me because I just do all my school work from home. But this still applies to everyone.

Have you ever been out of your house and felt uncomfortable in those jeans or that itchy (but super cute and trendy) sweater? Nine times out of ten they will make you feel more miserable than you were before.

Luckily for us, winter is just right around the corner. So it's completely acceptable to walk around in sweatpants and a jacket all day.

If it makes you comfortable, it is worth it. (And forget what people say or think. The only person who should care is you.)

4. Take Time To Rest.

This is a hard one for me. When I get stressed, I tend to work harder with little to no rest. That won't only make you feel drained, but might make you sick, also.

Every thirty to forty-five minutes, take a five or ten minute break. Watch videos on YouTube, listen to music, make food, rest your eyes, do anything. If it will help you relax then it is definitely worth the break.

5. Surround Yourself With Comforting Things.

Essential oils, coffee, blankets, pillows. If you're home (after work or school), make a little fort area where you can comfortably sit and study. Sitting in a stiff chair for two hours only makes your back suffer.

Maybe burn a candle, burn some incense or turn on soothing music. Create a cozy environment that you know will not only help you study, but will make you feel comfortable while doing so.

5. Treat Yourself.

School is rough. There are so many expectations placed on our shoulders.

Let me tell you a secret: I'm in my last year of community college. It's super exciting. I'm looking at applying at a college as a transfer and if I have a 3.7 GPA, I can get a great scholarship. I currently have a 3.558 (3.6 really) and in order to get that scholarship, I have to get an A in every class this semester. The pressure is on.

My point in saying that? Make some goals you want to hit. Strive for them. I might not get that 3.7 GPA (I hope I do) if I get a B in my hardest class this semester.

Don't let the pressure control you.

If I don't get the scholarship, I still deserve a reward for trying to accomplish it. Make a goal of grades, study hours, reading hours, anything school related. Then when you reach it (or even if you don't), give yourself a treat, like buy a cupcake or that expensive perfume you've been wanting. You deserve it.

That's all I have for you guys. I hope this article helped (I know it helped me in terms of putting things into perspective). Let me know what your goals are or what helps you get rid of stress. I would love to hear from you!

Like always, I hope you have an amazing rest of your day and week. Even if you aim for the moon and miss, it's okay because you'll land among the stars.

Always remember to keep smiling. You never know who will need it!