Dear Peace,

You know the phrase "forgive but don't forget"? Well I decided my dysfunctional mind accepts "forget but don't forgive". I can forget* things people do or say to me (*forget: expel the memory from my mind for as long as it will leave), but I don't know how to forgive. Sometimes I think only time, and maybe space, allows forgiveness.

To feel momentary peace I picture myself in water:
I go to my grandma's all so familiar swimming pool. The air feels warm and comforting. The water washes over my body. Cool and refreshing. I float on my back while staring at the night sky. I can still see many stars despite the pollution.
No wind chills my bones. Everything feels still. I hear crickets chirp and frogs croak. I think about the grass glimmering in the moonlight. Will I dance in the field during the mysterious night?
Entranced in nature's beauty, I watch as my arm smoothly glides over the water. My movements feel graceful.
The water soothes my soul.
I stay in the pool until my skin shrivels up,
The water heals.