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I chose Winter because it's my favourite season (although Autumn was a super close second since Halloween is my favourite holiday).

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n. the spirit of joy, enthusiasm, high spirits, and frenzy, in which good times and passions for life are expressed with an abundance of excitement, happiness, and fun.

Why I Chose It

I think it perfectly describes the winter season. Winter has always been my favourite season because it just feels a little bit more magical than the others. December is the last month of the year and it feels like everyone just slows down for a bit. The rest of the year goes by so fast but December is when everyone pauses everything that's going on to spend time with family and friends, doing what makes them happy.

What It Means To Me

My mom and most of my family don't really like to celebrate holidays as much as me but my mom loves Christmas and she pulls out all the stops to make Christmas special for us. She makes a big ham and mashed potatoes. She puts out all different festive desserts and treats. She decorates the house. She makes us hot chocolate. She watches Christmas movies with us. For me, kefi is what my mom does for my family. She brings us the spirit of Christmas and really makes the winter holidays special.

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