Hey, everyone! I saw this tag floating around WHI a little earlier, and I wanted to try it out myself. I hope you enjoy reading my uncomfortable answers to these uncomfortable questions.

And before you start, here's the article where I got the questions from originally:


1) Who do you love more, your mom or your dad?

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This is so hard, how could I even possibly answer it? It makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it. I love my parents equally for different reasons. I'll never choose.

2) If you could kill someone without getting caught, would you?

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No. I'm not even saying it to say it, but I don't think I physically could, and I know that I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt.

3) Are you a bad person?

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I'd like to think not. Sure, I'm done some bad things in my life, but I don't know that I'd necessarily call myself a bad person.

4) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

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How much of a doormat I tend to be. I'm very forgiving, and sometimes that's a quality that ends up hurting me.

5) Would you get married to someone of the same gender as you?

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In all and complete honesty, I don't think I would. Girls are beautiful, don't get me wrong. but I probably wouldn't.

6) Would you die for someone you love?

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Of course. Family, friends, lovers, whatever. Without a doubt.

7) Do you support homo-sexuality?

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I think that people are allowed the right to live how they want, and love who they want. It's not my position to judge, and I never will.

8) What do you identity as?

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I identify as a girl that doesn't like labels, and I am comfortable enough in myself to not have to explain the labels that others put on me.

9) White or black?

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I love them both fully and equally.

10) Death by fire or water?

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I honestly have no idea.

11) What do you think of yourself?

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I think that I enjoy a good and stable relationship, but I also enjoy being alone.

12) Have you ever been addicted to anything?

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Yes. Caffeine.

13) Have you ever gotten drunk?

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Not severely.

14) Have you ever done drugs?

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15) Have you ever dealt with an eating disorder?

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Yeah, a few years ago. But all is good and much better now :)

16) Is it easier to forgive or forget?

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Forgive 1000%.

17) Have you ever stolen a street sign?

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No, haha. Is this a thing that people do?

18) Would you ever strip or pose nude for a magazine?

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19) Have you ever fallen in love?

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I do believe so.

20) Have you ever had plastic surgery?

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I have not.

21) Do you want plastic surgery?

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Eh, not really. If I ever get anything it'll just be Botox.

22) What religion would you raise your children to practice?

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I don't really plan to have children, but if I did, I would raise them to be Christian like me.

23) Do you miss anyone right now?

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24) Introvert or Extrovert?

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It depends on the place and situation.

25) Money or fame?

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Money. Fame seems overrated.

26) Would you rather marry someone who you don't love but they love you back or marry someone who you love but doesn't love you back?

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Marry someone that I don't love that loves me. That's incredibly selfish, but I feel liked we'd both be happier that way.

27) Are you in a relationship?

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No ma'am/sir I am not.

28) Asking questions or answering them?

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Answering lmao.

29) Life or death?

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Life. Death will come eventually, might as well live while I can.


So, after answering twenty-nine uncomfortable questions, some worse than others, I'm finally done. A few of those were rough.

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Well everyone, I think that's all I have to ramble on about at this moment. I hope you enjoyed my answers to some odd questions, and maybe found something else cool in the links above.

Have a wonderful day/night everybody, enjoy yourselves.

- Ariana x