I know it's not winter yet but I thought I would a start a list of things I think are needed during winter. And as I live in Canada where it can get pretty cold I thought this would be a good idea for myself too. As well honestly winter is my favourite season and even though some people don't enjoy it I wanna show you some ways you can.

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1. warm cute clothes, because the temperature will be dropping and for some people there will be snow you have to dress warmly. And honestly some winter clothing is super cute, whether inside or outside.

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This includes sweaters (lots and lots of sweaters), sweat pants, jackets/coats, beanies or hats in general, fuzzy socks, cute boots, gloves.

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2. hot beverages, because its cold duh you can buy these from a Starbucks, timhortons, cafe or make them in your own home. I mean there are so many seasonal drinks that come out you have to try some.

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enjoy at home or out with friends

3. bath products, if you have a bath buying things like bath bombs is needed so you can just be warm and have a nice wintery scent around you.

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but dw if you only have shower still get the seasonal scents.

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lush has my fav scents

4. CANDLES!!! this is the best time of the year for candles cause they have the best winter vibe and scents, I mean you can use them all year but they're the best in the winter - especially during a bath.

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you can even just use them for decoration

5. fuzzy blankets and pillows. I mean I use these all year round but during the winter they are the best especially around a fire place.

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6. PJ's I know I already did a clothing part but pyjamas are there very own thing during the winter.

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7. something to do, this is kinda hard for an essential but find something you enjoy during the winter. Even if you don't have snow there must be something new for you to do e.g. indoor skating.

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8. cute winter decorations this can include candles, pillows and blankets as mentioned before but there is so much more to do as well. Like lights, if you celebrate a holiday one of those decorations,snowflakes, snowflakes,

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Overall just go out and enjoy the cold I know it may not be as fun but there are so many amazing things about winter that you should learn to love.