i finally have a chance to make this list, i've been working a lot lately :/

»»———— ahs apocalypse ————««

beautiful, american horror story, and michael langdon image Hot, michael langdon, and ahs apocalypse image
i accidently fell in love with michael langdon

»»———— halloween ————««

Cookies, Halloween, and fall image autumn, Halloween, and fall image

»»———— victoria secret's body spray ————««

victoria secret, victoria’s secret, and vs body lotion image perfume image
specifically "bare vanilla"

»»———— human by maggie lindemann ————««

Halloween, model, and negro image maggielindemann image
this song was amazing!!

»»———— sweaters ————««

fashion, sweater, and style image fashion, sweater, and autumn image
i loved wearing sweaters (even though it was hot as hell in the afternoons)

»»———— my momma's birthday ————««

birthday, cake, and girl image flowers image
my family and i took her out to lunch, gave her her gifts and bought her pink roses ♡

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