Now that .AUTUMN. is breaking her way through to take us @ the wintery days, don't forget that THE SUN will still shine in the morning.

...but it will not last too long during the day so YOU MUST make an effort (.at least twice a week.) to wake up a little bit earlier, open your window and get that dose of the fresh MORNING SUN!

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Most of us might get lost in the warmth of the blanket, then rush to go to work late, most likely with a bus/car, miss all the .SUN RAYS. of that lovely day, and only get out of work when it is already nighttime.

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That routine will unavoidably weaken your energy which will therefore weaken your F R E Q U E N C Y~

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dont blame surroundings for not feeling good that [lovely] day, you're just forgetting TO MEET THE SUN IN THE MORNING every now n then

CONSIDER THIS .a friendly reminder.

We pay too much money for everything; becoming .ONE. with the materialistic magnet!!! and yet not use the recourse of the .SUN. that has been given to us in abundance and .FOR FREE.

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consider this a friendly reminder... .RISE UP. and say 'not anymore~

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not anymore


sharing two more pictures I find very soothing and matching to my article


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