Duct Tape

I’m the girl with the duct tape over her mouth
And both hands tied behind her back
You probably don’t know me
But you’ve most definitely seen me
Even if you didn’t realise

I’m the one who can’t make eye contact
And who trips over her words and feet
I don’t tend to raise my hand
And I will never ask for help
But I’m pretty easy to spot once you see the signs
That’s the scary part

If you know me it’s probably because you are me
Or because you’ve somehow cracked me open & torn out my very insides
Torn out all the blackness
Inspected it
And then placed it back
Placed it back into my empty hollow rib cage instead of disposing of it properly

I am in so many people
Most of who will never notice
But those who do will shrug it off
And tell themselves they are fine
Which they are not

I am not

I can’t describe it
So please
Don’t make me
I’ll give it a go
If you want
Never for me
But always for you

No one can understand it
I’ve tried and tried to help people understand
But my desperate attempts and constant fails
Prove that no one ever truly can

I can’t paint it in a picture
Nor sing it in a song
I can’t print it in a book
And help you read along
I can’t express it in a dance
And I can’t act it in a play
I can’t even form it in my own head
But if you did somehow understand you probably wouldn’t stay

And no one would blame you
It’s a lot to handle
I am a lot to handle
My thoughts as strong as tsunamis
Yet as weak as the bones inside my very body
I’m broken and destroyed
And masking tape cannot mask the cracks and scrapes on my skin and in my heart
And you can paint over me but I shall always be here
The paint bleeding out and foaming from my mouth

Oh no
I’m here again
Once again I am here
In the same self destructing position
Wish me luck if you feel like it
Or laugh if you would like
I am the brokenhearted girl
I cannot be fixed
But thank you for giving it a try

- Charlotte Debono

Hey. So I was dead nervous about sharing this poem because it just sounds so sad and like all hope is lost.
That is not the case.
I am sharing this because I am hoping, to those of you who take the time to read it (thank you!) it will help to possibly put some of your own self destructive thoughts into a neat little poem.Into something you can see and understand (unlike your feelings).
My mission is not to leave anyone feeling sad and alone, in fact the opposite. If you need help please, please reach out to someone. Anyone.
You are loved.
Be happy and kind to yourself people.
Thank you :)

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