Peek-A-Boo - Red Velvet
It’s love only when my heart flutters
All my friends yell at me, they say I have a problem!
I’m fine fine fine fine fine fine

24/7 - EXO
I think about it 24/7
I can not let go of an empty feeling

Battle Cry - Skillet
It's the battle cry
Nobody can save you now
It's do or die

Yellow C A R D
If you cross this line, it’s a violation, beep
Keeping manners stop here, it’s ma ma ma mine
Please keep the la la la line

breatin- Ariana Grande
Sometimes it's hard to find, find my way up into the clouds
Tune it out, they can be so loud

Crush Culture - Conan Gray
My god don't look at your phone
No one's gonna call you
Quit checking your volume (crush)
I don't care if I'm forever alone

My Blood - Twenty One Pilots
When everyone you thought you knew
Deserts your fight, I'll go with you

Tempo - EXO
Don’t mess up my tempo
Listen, this will be enough
I said don't mess up my tempo
This beat will steal her heart

the light is coming (feat. Nicki Minaj) - Ariana Grande
The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole

You and I - PVRIS
And if you and I
Can keep our love alive, we'll fight
We can meet in the middle
Bodies and souls collide