I Am The Sun

If I were The Sun I wouldn’t really be The Sun at all I would just be another star in the wide wide sky and
if I was The Sky then I wouldn’t really be The Sky at all. No, in fact I would be a sheet of darkness and emptiness and I would not be filled with clouds and all things beautiful and
if I was a cloud I would be there one second and gone the next and I wouldn’t really be a cloud at all because no one would appreciate me and my tears, and my tears would not be worshipped in the deserts they would be asked to leave quietly and quickly without causing too much attention to themselves and
if I was a desert, sure I would be barren off most humans and greenery would not grow, but I can assure you I would not be a desert at all for I would not be placed on any map and people would not care to visit me and explore every inch of dry land and
if I was a map I would only lead you to bad things, dead ends and plenty of irritating conundrums so I can assure you you’d be better of taking directions or buying that new satellite navigation system your wife so desperately wanted, better yet follow the fucking sun and see where that takes you because

The Sun is not just a star and The Sky is not a sheet of darkness and clouds are not unappreciated and deserts are not barren and unloved and maps do not lead you to bad things, fuck your shitty Sat Nav. I am the sun, the moon, the stars, the darkness and the light. I am the clouds and the rain which falls from it and replenishes so many. I am the deserts, jungles and oceans and I demand to be explored and loved and appreciated. And I am a compass, a leader, a guider.
I. Am. Important.

- Charlotte Debono

I hope you're all feeling strong today.
You. Are. Important.

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