Hello! I start writing a lot but I almost never finish it. So I decided to participate in #thewhisquad contest. That way maybe I'll find the will to finish something!
Here is the contest:

I apologize in advance for any spelling or grammatical mistakes since english is not my first language. Hope you'll have fun while reading this! xx

They told me she is cruel. That she is cold and untouchable. Made into a monster by a tragedy.
Oh how they were wrong.

When I was given this job, I thought it would be easy. Get close to her, but not attached. It should've been easy. I made it hard. My foolish heart made it hard.

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In my country, being a spy was honorable job. You worked for the country. Nothing was more appreciated. But it was hard getting there. I started training to be a spy when I was sixteen, spent seven years in training and three more working as a spy. And now I'm here.
In the middle of nowhere, trying to find so-called Winter Castle.
The plan was simple: go to Sinnia, get close to the princess and spy on her and the king. Our king wanted to start a war for some time now. He just need official reason. Ok, maybe it wasn't that honorable job...

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I started thinking I was lost after three hours of roaming around the woods. Our intel on the exact location of the castle was poor. Night was falling and I couldn't see anything. My fingers went numb and I was shaking. Oh how I hate winter.

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Then I saw a girl casually strolling around. Average height,long brown hair, looking more lost than me. She was quite pale, but then, everyone here was. I couldn't see her face because it was already dark.
-Hi, are you lost? She sounded genuinely concerned.
-Umm, kind of. I'm looking for the Winter Castle. I am supposed to start working there but I don't know where it is.
-You're not from around here, are you?
-What makes you say that?
-Well, everyone here knows where the Winter castle is!
I shrugged and made a stupid face and she just laughed.
-Soo what's your name, stranger?
-I'm Nash.
-I'm May, nice to meet you.

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-What's your story?
-I was born and raised in the castle. My mother lived and died there. And now it's just me.
-So you work in the castle?
-Kind of..
She wore simple coat and military boots. I wonder what kind of work she did. Obviously, she didn't want to tell me. And I respect that. We all have our own secrets.

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The rest of the way we talked about random things. No more personal questions. She seemed nice. The kind of person you could talk to about anything and it wouldn't be weird. She could make my time in the castle easier.
We walked another half an hour and then I saw it. Sitting atop of the hill, surrounded by giant walls was the biggest castle I have ever seen. And I've seen plenty.

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-This is where I leave you. You go straight ahead to the main entrance.
-Aren't you coming with me?
-No, I have to go the other way. Bye. And good luck!
And then she was gone. I went to the castle and introduced myself as a new stable boy. Despite having all kinds of transportation, royal family liked having horses. And princess liked horses. It was only natural that I become their stable boy.
Next morning, a guard woke me and took me to meet the royal family. Well, what's left of it.. The princess and the King. They had this silly ritual where they would meet everyone who started working for them to thank them or something like that. It never made sense to me. Like they actually care..
I was escorted to the throne room, along with six others. I suppose they just started working here too. The room was vast and prosperous. One wall filled with large windows, and others with portraits of previous rulers. Everything was bright thanks to the sparkling chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. The middle of the room was occupied by two large thrones on the dais.

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At every door, there were two guards and a couple more waking around the room. Grumpy old man entered from across the room and climbed to the dais.
-Good morning. In the name of the King I welcome you all to the Winter Castle. We hope you have settled well. I am sorry to inform you that His Majesty, the King is currently indisposed. However, Her Highness, princess Alara will arrive momentarily...
He talked some more and I stopped listening. The only important thing was that I will meet the princess soon and my work can begin.

After announcing the princess, the old man moved from the dais and the door across the room opened again. When she entered the room I cursed under my breath. How could I be so stupid and not recognize her? The pictures I've seen were from a younger age but still... I was trained for this. And yet I didn't notice the similarity. Maybe it was the dark or that she wore plain clothes. But looking at her now I am certain. The princess is May. May is Alara.

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