Hello guys ! So today I'm doing the myself as a fictional character article again, Hogwarts edition because it's the best. Again it's kind of a oc but I don't have any story on her, yet don't steal it thank you :)

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➸ Name - Nickname

Callia Julie Hollstein - Lia

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➸ Birthday - Zodiac sign - Age

September 28 - Libra - 15

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➸ Family

She is pureblood and she has a big brother

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➸ House

She's a slytherin

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➸ Physical Appearance

She has long blond hair and green eyes.

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➸ Patronus

Her patronus is a tiger

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➸ Animal

She has a white cat

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➸ Yule ball

She wears a green dress and is going with Draco

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So here it is for this second article ! You can check the first one in my article collection ! Thank you for reading, see you soon :)