1. what's your name?

bruna, which means brunette but i was actually born blonde (thanks mom).

2. when was the last time you cried?

yesterday bro, i was under so much pressure.

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3. three fears?

lose the ones i love, drown myself and live the rest of my days alone.

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4. if you were another person, would you be friend of yourself?

uh, that's a really hard question, maybe i guess...? i mean, if am someone else i won't have the same personality i do, so idk.

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5. my best friend

what is it? lol

6. what is the first thing you notice about someone?

their personality (even more if the person is funny).

7. what is your eye color?

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is a light brown, similar to honey color (im not romanticizing myself btw sdhkajh).

8. scary movies or happy endings?

happy endings for sure. but let me just say that sometimes i like watching movies with sad endings, it makes u remember it for a looong time.

9. what color of underwear i'm wearing right now?

what kinda of question is th-blue.

10. how many tattoos/piercings do you have?

a big and round z e r o. and i dont feel like i wanna get any.

11. do you have any special talents?

im pretty good at writing abridgments.

12. how do you feel right now?

normal man, i just feel like i wanna eat coxinha

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13. what are your hobbies?

listening to music, eating, watching tv, eating, reading books, crying over kdramas, did i already say eating?

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14. your current relationship status?

single outside but dating kim taehyung inside :)

15. meaning behind your username?

jeon jungkook's pink lips.

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16. favorite movie?

i dare to say 'the greatest showman'; this movie is sO DAMN GOOD!!!

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17. favorite song?

this question should be forbidden cause i have a lot... but i would say 'the night' by lovewave

18. how tall are you?


19. things that upset me

rude and fake people.

20. things that make me happy

ya know, is not that hard make me happy: just listening to a good song while looking at beautiful scenario, eating my favorite food, having a good time with friends/family and even watching videos of bangtan being who they are. it lifts my spirit up.

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21. what you find attractive in other people

confidence and as i said before, if she/he is funny.

22. someone you miss?

my friends from middle school, i miss the past actually.

23. someone you love?

besides my family and doggo, i love bangtan boys

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24. favorite holiday?

christmas of course.

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25. favorite youtubers?

mauro nakada, gustatv, lubatv, teddy, midori and 조재원 (most of them are brazilian).

26. someone famous you would date?

damn let me make a list heheheheheheheheh

- henry lau

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no words to describe henry, he's absolutely perfect: from personality to appearance ♡

- pyo jihoon

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this man is made of love and caring, his wife will be one of the luckiest girl in the world ♡

- ryu junyeol

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i really dont know what to say, just pls could someone give him to me as a christmas gift????? i need to see this boy smiling in front of me :(((( ♡

- kang haneul

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i think i would die if haneul just looked at me P.S: i cant stop smiling and blushing while looking at this gif ♡

- park jimin

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he would be that type of boyfriend who is cute yet playfull, makes a dirty joke and blush right after. a lovely mochi. ♡

- kim hanbin

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with the personality this boy has i think we would have a lot of fun together, he is 100% boyfriend material ♡

27. a confession

i eat salty rice with milk

28. describe your fashion sense

i like confortable yet fashion clothes.

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29. things that annoy you easily?

people who keep repeating the same thing and who are rude.

30. favorite quote?

"we are all born so beautiful;
the greatest tragedy is being convinced we are not."
- rupi kaur

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