Hello everyone! This is my second article. I was inspired by @themermaidwriter's 30 day writing challenge.

Day 2. "Make a list of five things that make you happy."

1. My summer camp.
I have been going to the same summer camp for nine years. Every year I go for two weeks every summer, one week during spring break, and one week during winter break. I also volunteer there pretty often. I know this place like the back of my hand. I'm already trained to be a camp counselor there too. Nine years ago I met my best friend at that camp. We hit it off immediately. We now plan our summers together to make sure we go the same week. We also hang out outside of camp. I also have friends from camp that are from different states. The thought that I never would have met them if I didn't go to camp is absolutely wild to me. I can not imagine my life without them. My camp has given me so many friends and amazing memories and truly makes happiest. I want to add a huge thank you to all of my camp counselors. Thank you so much for giving me a memorable summer every single year. You have inspired me to become a counselor myself and thankfully you have also inspired my best friends at camp to become counselors as well.

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2. My editing account on Instagram.
This account makes me so happy. It's allowed me to me to make tons of new friends and explore myself creatively. Through this account I discovered that I love editing!


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These are just a few of my favorite edits that I have done.

3. Self-care.
Whether it is a bubble bath or just applying moisturizer. I love self-care. I love the feeling of doing my daily skincare routine. I love the smells of bath bombs and body wash. It is super relaxing to me.

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4. My friends.
This one is super important to me. My friends truly mean the world to me. They have helped me through so many challenging times and I simply can not thank them enough for that. These girls have honestly taught me what friendship really means. They are the ones I turn to no matter what and I love them so much. The best part about them is how accepting they are. They don't judge, they aren't afraid to make a fool of themselves, they always make sure you are okay. They are so important to me and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the entire world. I truly think of them as my family.

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Sorry for so many pictures I just love them so much.

5. The wonderful combination of coffee and music.
I love coffee and music so much. Seasonal drinks will probably be the end of my bank account, but I love them so much. I just love the taste of coffee so much. Music is also super important to me. It has helped me so much. I just really love the feeling of drinking coffee while listening to music. Especially at night during a car ride when I probably shouldn't be drinking coffee. It's such a specific feeling, but it is one of my most favorite things in the world.

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Thank you so much for reading! 💋-Ella

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