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So you may or may not know the original series from Norway called Skam.

It is phenomenal stories of Norwegian teenagers played by fantastic teen actors. It has 4 seasons and closer to the end of the series the whole world tuned in for the story of Eva, Noora, Isak, and Sana.

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I started watching at the beginning of season 3 about Isak. Once upon the time I stumbled on the crazy talented edit about the main character and was blown away by the aesthetically pleasing frame and decided to watch from the beginning and it was a fast and fantastic journey.

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You follow all the social media (like Facebook and Instagram) of most of the characters and watch their life in real time since the characters also live in our time. At first, it all so confusing and the best part is when I started watching it there were only subtitles from internet volunteers who spoke Norwegian and English. It important to emphasize that these series were made exclusively by Norwegians for Norwegian people. But the thing is it was so important.

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Right now around 6 countries from Europe are broadcasting their own versions of Skam and it can't be ignored!

The fans of the original series are showing different reactions: some people like one or two remakes and it is interesting to see how different countries dealing with some situations.

For example, the Italian version (my favorite yet) decided to change the order of seasons and instead of the second, they did the season which was third they did it second and actually a lot of people are tuning in for this story because I personally find it very interesting.

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But also when I have time I try to check out other remakes since it is a unique chance to see the situation or its version approached by different nations with different mentalities. The most evident was how people meet, how they greet each other, they openness etc. How Italians kiss each other in cheeks and Norwegian just say hi, how much people talk and accept LGBT community.

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It is also a fantastic opportunity to study languages. The casual simple talk between teenagers is the way to go.

If you will hear that a lot of young people learned Norwegian and moved to Norway it possible because of Skam.

If you have time feel free to watch Skam.

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