Hi guys!💟
It has been a long time since I don't write anything here on WHI. As you know, in an article I talked about my break with my ex and how that changed my mind. I wrote that few days after what has happened and in a month I went through moments of depression, negativity.

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But despite that, I also went through moments where I was sorrounded by positive people and positive thoughts and that helped me so much, bucause I started seeing the positivity in each corner. 🌈

Day by day I discovered always something more about myself. I began feeling powerful and capable of everything by my own. Right now I can say that I am free, I don't feel tied with anyone or anything, except for myself, I'm living my rebirth and I'm ready to restart again with my life.💪

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I'm writing all of that just to say that the mental change is possible. It's possible to remove negativity from your mind and fill it with positivity. Right now, with a clear mind, I can finally claim that I am ready to start my fitness journey tomorrow. I know there will be moments where I will feel weak, unmotivated and tired, but the change will happen when I won't leave that "bad days" ruin my journey.
I hope that from tomorrow I will restart motivate other people, I want to spread positivity in a worls full of clouds.

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Who's ready to start with me? Let me know in the messages😘

After that article, I delete my past ones, just to start again from the first step. I'm sorry if I wrote so much, but I had the need of explain myself to you in the best way.

Thanks for everything,


P.S. Tomorrow I'm going to post a picture where I will talk about my starting weight, my goals and all of that stuff.