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As a Boxer, I am always looking for workouts to improve my agility and stamina while breaking a sweat. But like with all things in life, I'm more likely to skip my workout session when I can't find a fun, but challenging workout plan. So, to save you the stress of finding enjoyable workouts, I have compiled a list with 15 of my favorite Boxing workouts, and hopefully, it will inspire you to pick up a pair of gloves and give it a shot!

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(Without A Boxing Bag)

Jump Rope (5 Minutes)
Squat Side Kick (3 Minutes)
Curtsy Lunge (3 Minutes)
Arm Swings (5 Minutes)
Run In Place (5 Minutes)

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(With A Boxing Bag)

50 Jabs (Each Arm)
50 Cross Punches (Each Arm)
50 Uppercuts (Each Arm)
50 Hooks (Each Arm)

Remember To Keep Moving

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(Combinations With A Boxing Bag)

Left jab, Right jab, Left cross
Right cross, Left cross, Right cross
Left jab, Left jab, Right cross, Left hook
Right Cross, Left hook, Right cross
Right jab, Left uppercut, Right hook
Left jab, Right cross, Right jab, Left cross, Left hook

Remember To Keep Moving

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