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I have a little list of article to write, but I honestly don't feel like writing any of them, so since i'm still obsessed with B99, I've decided to "create" another tag or whatever that can surround the show.

andy samberg, cast, and terry crews image

Basically I'm going to write the name of the characters of the series or movie, whoever plays those characters and four pretty pictures of them. I guess this can be considered a spin-off on the "My Loves" tag, but it's simple enough right? Hope you enjoy it!


Image removed andy samberg, icon, and layout image funny, quotes, and b99 image emotions, jake peralta, and brooklyn 99 image
Det. Jake Peralta ✕ Andy Samberg
brooklyn nine nine, b99, and melissa fumero image melissa fumero, b99, and brooklyn nine nine image b99, melissa fumero, and andy samberg image brooklyn nine nine and melissa fumero image
Det. Amy Santiago ✕ Melissa Fumero
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Det. Charles Boyle ✕ Joe Lo Truglio
Image removed Image removed brooklyn nine nine, b99, and rosa diaz image Mature image
Det. Rosa Diaz ✕ Stephanie Beatriz
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Sergeant Terry Jeffords ✕ Terry Crews
comedy, gif, and chelsea peretti image Temporarily removed gif, brooklyn nine nine, and gina linetti image funny, gif, and HAHAHA image
Gina Linetti ✕ Chelsea Peretti
funny, gif, and lol image brooklyn nine nine, jake peralta, and gina linetti image Temporarily removed Mature image
Captain Raymond Holt ✕ Andre Braugher
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Det. Michael Hitchcock ✕ Dirk Blocker / Det. Norm Scully ✕ Joel McKinnon Miller


Have a lovely day everyone! Hope you enjoyed this tag and let me know If you have any requests for my next articles…