As a person without many friends, I've learned to enjoy my own company. Being alone is not as hard as everybody thinks. Here are some activities to do by yourself and have fun

try new hobies 🎸

- You can try things like doing crosswords, or start some new video games. Also, you can always read a fanfiction on Wattpad or just go out to enjoy the passing clouds.

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start a new tv show 📺

- If you have a lot of free time, then this is the hobby for you. There are so much great tv shows waiting to be seen.

  • Reign
  • Friends
  • Game of Thrones
  • Pretty Littlle Liars
  • Malcolm
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learn how to cook 🍳

- The best recipes can be found on Tasty. Cooking can be really fun in general with your favourite songs on.

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try something artistic 🎨

- Write poems, sing, draw, take photos, dance, literally anything you want to do. It's your own life, no one is judging you. Be happy.

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go out and treat yourself 🍔

- Buy flowers, go to a movie alone, eat and just try to love your own company.

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