My mind is playing tricks on me. Or is it my heart? I feel like my life is being wasted as every second passes by. I want to do so many things but i have no idea how. I want to escape. I just want all my thoughts to pour out. I want my heart cleaned. I feel as if its dirty. My heart feels really heavy. I can feel it in my chest. I want to feel alive. I want all my insecurities to go away. I want to be truly happy. I dont remember genuinely being happy anymore. I always try to make myself feel happy. I have to force myself to be and look happy. But deep down my heart is totally the opposite of happy. That is why I am looking for an escape. An escape from all of this. No, I am not thinking about suicide. Suicide is never the answer.
By escape I mean I want to find something or someone that makes me feel good about life. Someone or something that makes me forget all of my insecurities. I want to be truly happy. Happiness is worth fighting for.