Name: Hayley
Age: 19

Status: Like Four, i can realize if there was a simulation or not.


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i chose amity because i care about all the humans. I care about love, friendship and family. Also, i don't wanted to get attention because i can realize about simulations.

Fav Things To Do:

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Coffee&books. Play with lights and long walks.


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Best Friends With:a girl who named Rose

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She is so sweeet. An animal lover and cutie pie. She's not a divergent and can't realize simulations.

Previous faction:

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I left there because it's too dangerous for me, too cruel.

Love Interest:

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I was in love with Eric and he was in love with me. When we find out that ı can realize simulations and ceramony time has come, we have to break up for good. He let me. But our hearts will always be together.