Hi fashionable people! If you are having one of those days where you literaly don't know what to wear for school, no worries I'm here to help.

There are only three ways to categorize your closet
1. Summer
2. Fall
3. Winter

Summer is obvios, bikinis, tops, skirts, dresses, fabulous sunglasses, etc.

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Fall, I like to say that is when its hot but also cold (if you get what I mean) so its all about not bikini but also not polar jacket. And yes, if you figured this out am talking about beautiful and stylish sweaters.

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And Winter, now we are talking about polar stuff... (of course with fake fur, cause let's get real we don't want to hurt animals)

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So... there you have it, its easier when you classify your clothes.

As always go luck and let fashion be with you !

-Alexa Yamira
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