Dua Lipa (London, August 22, 1995) is a British singer-songwriter and model of Albanian-Kosovar origins.


Her style is very particular, her stylistic identity is made up of many colors, sometimes she wears a Total tone look and other times she adopts very bold choices.

  • scenic
Image by Desiree_ee Image by Desiree_ee
  • detailed
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  • rich motif
  • pattern
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  • printed items
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  • bold
  • sporty
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  • classy
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  • casual
Image by Desiree_ee Image by Desiree_ee
  • furry / velvet
  • fashionable
  • one colour
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  • In any case, if you're going to copy and inspire yourself to the look of Dua Lipa, you absolutely must choose an extravagant way to wear clothes. so take note of what you like about her look in these images, and combine the various colors and clothes yourself, but always with the criterion or you'll risk looking like a walking bazaar.

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