Time management

It's much easier having a plan written down than just saying I'll study tomorrow...
Buy yourself a time planner :)

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Short sessions

You can better focus on your readings if you're doing short study sessions - otherwise you may get confused.
First I was not happy about this advice a friend gave me > but it really works!

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No procrastination!

Start early enough with your essays and assignments - so you won't be on the deadline treadmill.

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Get yourself coffee or something sweet

Coffee or some sweets help me to stay motivated - haha

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If you had too much coffee > tea!

Talk a walk

I'm staying a few days in a little village at the seaside to get my essays done - I have a few days off and want to write my assignments in a quiet area.
I often talk a walk during my work - love it!

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Netley, Southampton/UK

I hope I could give you an idea of how to be productive

Have a nice day! xx

I got inspired by this article: