Lyrics from 5SOS' Youngblood I relate to the most, enjoy (not all songs are featured sorry haha)

  • Youngblood
red, aesthetic, and light image red, girl, and aesthetic image

// lately our conversations end like it's the last goodbye //

// when you’re looking at those strangers hope to God you see my face //

  • Want You Back
crush, neon, and quotes image red and neon image

// can't help but wondering if this is the last time that I'll see your face //

// is it tears or just the fucking rain? //

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// wish I could say something, something that doesn't sound insane but lately, I don't trust my brain //

// no matter where I go I'm always gonna want you back //

coffee, light, and neon image art, night, and orange aesthetic image

// no matter how long you're gone I'm always gonna want you back //

// I know you know I will never get over you //

// You know, even when I say I moved on yeah, I still dream for you //

  • Lie To Me
blue, rose, and neon image neon, grunge, and light image

// I saw you looking brand new overnight and I caught you looking too, but you didn't look twice, you look happy //

// now I wish we never met 'cause you're too hard to forget //

red, aesthetic, and orange image Temporarily removed

// I know that you don’t, but if I ask you if you love me I hope you lie to me //

// I ain’t happy //

  • Talk Fast
neon, light, and red image neon, red, and light image

// I don't wanna think about a moment with you I'm kinda hoping for forever //

// Goddamnit, we look good together //

  • Moving Along
stars and yellow image yellow, lights, and neon image

// Is it bad that I'm hoping that you're broken? Is it bad that I'm wishing you're still broken? //

// thinking about you lots lately or are you moving along? //

yellow, light, and neon image yellow, neon, and light image

// scared of moving on, but you're already gone //

// so if you’re moving on, won't you just tell me //

  • Better Man
green, neon, and aesthetic image green, motel, and aesthetic image

// wake up to someone with nothing to say //

// thought I'd never change then you come and change it all //

blue, light, and neon image blue, light, and sigh image

// darling, all of my wrongs, they led me right to you wrapped in your arms, I swear I'd die for your love //

  • More
blue, neon, and think image girl, blue, and neon image

// and all the things that we dream about they don't mean what they did before //

// I just wanna get back to us 'cause we used to have more //

  • Why Won't You Love Me
blue, neon, and wings image aesthetic, blue, and light image

// we're not alright but I'll pretend //

// I hold back the tears, I check my phone to see your face //

// why won't you love me? //

  • Ghost Of You
purple, aesthetic, and light image red, aesthetic, and purple image

// I'll be just fine //

// so I drown it out like I always do //

purple, neon, and light image boom, neon, and black image

// cleaning up today, found that old Zeppelin shirt you wore when you ran away //

// we're too young, too dumb, to know things like love but I know better now //

  • Meet You There
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// Every moment spent, I wish I was with you and every night I slept, I dreamt I was with you //

// no matter where you go, you know I'd wait for you //

neon, light, and pink image neon, grunge, and purple image

// so you go your way and I'll go mine and if we're meant to, I'll meet you there //

// this time or next time, you know I'll meet you there //

  • When You Walk Away
amusement park, carnival, and cool image moon, neon, and wallpaper image

// I'm bad at letting go won't you let me down easy? I can't let you go //

// cut me open, take my heart so we'll never be apart, don't you let it go to waste //

neon lights, quote, and red image light, neon, and pink image

// I can feel it in my bones, you don't love me anymore //

// make it worth all of the pain //