Isabella O'Sullivan is a 15 year old attendee of the Eastview Boarding School for Girls in Norfolk, England. She's a mischievous free spirit with a cutting wit who's constantly working to improve herself.


hair, beauty, and girl image tea, autumn, and fall image fashion, dress, and white image dress, fashion, and girl image
thick, long dark brown hair. most often wears it down & messy.


Temporarily removed 90s, retro, and school image Temporarily removed japan, kawaii, and japanese image
long-sleeved white shirt, beige cardigan or jumper, yellow or grey tie, black or grey skirt, socks and black shoes.


beauty, makeup, and perfume image bee, aesthetic, and yellow image makeup, style, and beauty image beauty image
has a lot of high-end posh makeup. warm orange and yellow colours. eyeshadow, mascara, lipgloss and bronzer.

Luggage Bags:

yellow, converse, and shoes image adventure, backpack, and travel image backpack, nature, and snow image backpack, bag, and discount image
a little yellow backpack for all her most important possessions and a large green camping backpack for everything else. the fact that she can fit everything in is a marvel.


yellow, notebook, and school image Temporarily removed study, college, and school image college, english, and exam image
messy desk with a little whiteboard with all her reminders on it. has one notebook for each subject. uses a lot of sticky notes. converts all her notes onto her tablet after class. her best subjects are english language and psychology.


book, aesthetic, and bed image luxury, white, and architecture image luxury, soft, and white image cat, animal, and kitty image
shared with her cousin alison and alison's cat archie. their room is at the highest point of the building and next to the best bathroom in the whole school, which isabella takes full advantage of. isabella has surrounded her headboard with fairy lights and plastered the wall by her desk with posters, photos and her favourite quotes.

Favourite Foods:

Temporarily removed food, croissant, and cafe image drink and food image aesthetic, food, and drink image
herbal teas, pastries, pasta, seafood, fruit and yogurt


comic, vintage, and indie image black and white, greyscale, and sport image lacrosse, teen wolf, and tw image batman, catwoman, and comic book image
comic book club and the lacrosse team


violet and smoke image pink, black, and goth image girl, friends, and friendship image girl, alternative, and asian image
her cousin alison with whom she shares a love of travel and freedom. kitty, who is her opposite in a lot of ways but they get on anyway. and fizz, who sits next to her in every class and always has her back. the four of them like to break the rules and go a bit wild when they're together.


babe, crush, and hands image quote, grunge, and poem image black, black and white, and pride image girl, beauty, and model image
she's pansexual and has had crushes on a lot of people in the past, but the one she finally fell for was fern, a girl two years above her.

Out of Class Fashion:

basic, turtleneck, and beige image black, boots, and pale image accessories, rings, and jewelry image fashion, outfit, and style image
neutral colours, jeans, simple jewellery, boots, jumpers


dress, fashion, and girl image costume jewelry, vintage necklace, and prom jewelry image crown, nails, and pink image fashion, girl, and highheels image
wore a long pink sleeveless dress with a slit, gold jewellery and a tiara. she went with fern.

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