So I was talking to an (ex) friend about things I enjoy and this little world I live in, the one I created. His reply to my message was "Ur weird lol"
I actually said "I know and I like it."
See, being weird can mean a lot of things but this is what I think of it, my interpretation of what 'being weird' means.


I like visiting the most random parts of the city, wandering for hours upon hours

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I like finding small parks in the middle of the woods with abandoned benches and sitting there writing or playing the guitar

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I like long walks away from people where I just walk and think

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I like seeing people smile when they remember something deep in their past

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I like seeing two people truly in love with each other

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I like late night talks when we feel high and infinite

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I like looking up at the sky and feeling small but yet so big

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I like dreaming of impossible things

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I like moments when the world stops for a second when you're truly happy and enjoying life like it's a movie

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I like coincidences which make you think they were meant to happen

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I like traveling and focusing on the world that's disappearing behind me

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Going to record stores and browsing old music

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and more...

These things don't make me weird, or odd... They make me human. Someone who has struggled for freedom, for acceptance, for a purpose. Someone who never had a choice, someone who followed the rules and never quite found joy in anything. until now...

Loving something others find odd is fine. Loving something that's not trendy, that's not what everyone else is doing - is fine. You choose and shape yourself. Sometimes the weirdest people are the most interesting and loving ones.

- dreamer ✧*

Amina Bogilović
Amina Bogilović

This article was written by @AminaBogilovic on the We Heart It Writers Team.