Yep, that's right! We Heart It is here to save the day once again. I am sure we can all agree that We Heart It is the perfect platform if you are looking for some inspiration. So, here I am to show you how you can make the most out of it to slay your school year.

➵ DIY Notebooks | Folders
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I could stare at cute stationery for hours but I am not willing to spend a fortune on them. On the other hand, I don't want my notebooks to look plain and boring. That's how everyone feels, right?
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Just DIY it! Go for simple, plain notebooks and use them as your base. Colors, patterns, quotes you can find it all on We Heart It. Print your favorite images and let your imagination run wild.
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Here are some wallpaper ideas that you can use to DIY your notebooks. I went for a cute, minimal theme but you can do your own thing of course.
PS. Christmas is just around the corner so here is your chance to get creative and DIY your own Christmas notebook or even gift it to someone.
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➵ Bullet Journal
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We all need to put our life together sometimes. Keeping a bullet journal is the easiest, quickest and most creative way to organize your school year. You can obviously find a variety of collections and images here on We Heart It to get inspired but you can also decorate your own by printing images you like. You can add colorful quotes, cute doodles, your monthly favorites, and the list goes on.
➵ Visual Board
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If you wanna achieve all your goals, you have to visualize them. It's like a fast travel into the future, meeting your dream-self living his best life. Go there with your mind and promise yourself that you will come back one day but not as a time-traveler but as your actual self. You know, a little bit of daydreaming didn't hurt anyone so go for it!
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You can easily create a digital visual board by downloading images from We Heart It and putting them into a collage. Set it as your laptop's or your phone's background so as to get motivated to chase your goals daily. It may motivate you to work on your semester's assignment rather than watching youtube all day, you will never know until you give it a try.
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You can also buy a visual board for your room or even DIY it yourself if you are good at crafting. Place it above your desktop so as to get motivated every time you feel like you are in a dead end.
➵ Fashion Inspo
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We all have those days that we feel like we have nothing to wear. Create a fashion collection on We Heart It based on the clothing pieces you own and you wear on your daily basis. You can scroll through your collection when you need some inspiration. You can even print your favorite outfits and stick them inside your closet for instant inspo in the morning.
➵ Studyblr
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Weheartit is the perfect place to create your studyblr since it combines everything in one platform. Dedicate a separate collection for all your school/college related articles. From cute stationary images to motivational quotes you can find it all here. There are tons of articles about productivity, motivation, studying tips etc. to choose from and get inspired.
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Lastly, let's not forget that @TeamWeHeartIt is here every Monday with a new article full of motivational quotes to help us get through the week!
Team We Heart It
Team We Heart It
Thanks for reading this article. Lots of love, Vaso ♡
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