I'm back with another fashion article today and I'm so happy about it because I really love to write fashion articles and because I have so long to write one. I don't wanna say too much so let's get started with the article.

"I don't design clothes, I design dreams."
-Ralph Lauren

☆Cherry Red☆

fashion, girl, and red image fashion, red, and skirt image coffee, fashion, and gucci image fashion, red, and outfit image

☆Whisky Brown☆

fashion, style, and outfit image camera and cozy image chic, fashion, and outfit image Image removed


fashion, girl, and autumn image girl, fashion, and style image fashion, style, and orange image fashion, style, and girl image

☆Olive Green☆

aesthetic, coat, and green image Temporarily removed fashion, style, and vans image black, chic, and fashion image

☆Marble Gray☆

Image removed Image removed fashion, style, and outfit image Image removed


boots, fashion, and girly image fashion, girl, and dress image Temporarily removed fashion, bag, and luxury image

Also: lavender, digital blue, fuchsia pink, sapphire yellow.

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