Hey everybody!
How are you all? To be honest, I'm very tired. I just want to sleep or maybe watch episodes of the series that are currently on. But.... as usual I have plenty of things that I need to get done today.So I will do them,but I'll rest a lot(probably after 8 I'll give up). So,let's see this:

Write about Three things you like about you

  • 1. I'm really hard-working:
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I alwas do every homework, the day that it was signed to us. Or maybe sometimes one day after. I study almost all day,but I think that will pay off for me. I have good grades, and in the future it will be a plus that I had.
  • 2. Easy to learn Languages
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I'm a hungarian native speaker(it's a littly country in Europe) and I study two languages.English,which I can speak fluently and French that I'm studying hard. I really like in myself that it isn't a problem to understand a foreign language to me(for example song lyrics or some kind of listening exercise).
  • 3. I help everyone
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I always help everyone that needs help when it comes to studying. But there are times, that they think it's okay not to study and expect me to help them. So, it is not always a good thing to do so. But In my view everyone deserves help,when they are in need of it.

That was all. I hope you enjoyed it.
I will write a new one tomorrow,
Kisses and Bye,