Hey Guys! Today in school...is a weird day. Today I tell you what happened: " I met Todoroki on his place by the window as usual, and Uraraka with her friends. So I, on the meaning, standing there still like an idiot. What I didn't notice, that Bakugou was behind me and pushed me to the floor.

Uraraka, for my opinion...she saw this and kicked his butt. Gladly. But then...Uraraka handed out her hand to me, while blushing. I took her hand, but didn't blush. But having...a weird feeling inside my stomach. I wasn't sure what it is, until I realized...it's love. If she confessed me with love, hate me or not guys....I don't love Uraraka-san. I love her like my own little sister.

Todoroki and Bakugou were really noisy as we went for lunch. I couldn't stand fights but...it's for Todoroki-kun. I ran to Todoroki and saw him pained, and I guess that Bakugou punched him on the stomach. I was mad and punched Bakugou's face.

Bakugou never reacted, then walking away. I checked on Todoroki, with a pained expression on his face. I tried my best to not cry, but failed. Then, I felt warm hands that wipe off my tears. It was Todoroki-kun. I blushed and covered my face. Butterflies of love is tingling on my stomach.

Waahh! >////<! I'm so embarrased! Why Todoroki why?! >///<! When I free my hands, I saw him chuckling and puts his hands on my cheeks. This is the worst! >////< I really hope this blushing is away! It's...u-uh it is...GAHH! pulls hair of frustration Ok Deku calm down... and, he smiled at me. Todoroki smiled at me! Wait...h-he doesn't have any feelings for?!....Wahh! 0////0 Oh.My.GOSH!!!!! You kidding?! H-He has feelings for me?!

Time skip

Then, it happened. Uraraka was with me alone in our class, and she's blushing. And she said to me "Midoriya...I-I love you." I can't say anything. I replied "I-I can't love you, Uraraka-san..." I felt horrible, but it's true. I was in love with Todoroki-kun.

She smiled, nodded. "I know. We are still friends, don't worry, Deku...*laughs * I ship you with Todoroki! Haha! XD" And I stood still. She isn't mad, good. But?! S-She shipped me?! With Todoroki?! WAHHH!!! >////<!

6 weeks later'

Guys. Guess what? I'm officialy Todoroki's boyfriend! >////<! I was never happy like this before! Oh gosh. He calls me over! I need to go! Bye!!!" That's my story for today! Bye!~ smiles - Midoriya Izuku