now i really realized it

every year we have this little bit depressing but still so beautiful season
when we take cute pictures with leaves
when we drink hot chocolate or tee
when we want change, we want like new hair or something like that
when we just want to stay in bed because it's gettin' colder every day
when the sound of raindrops makes our minds so fuckin' calm but at the same time a little sad
because we start thinking those past years and realize like woah time flies so so fast
we realize "oh wait.. i remember the last autumn like yesterday"
but at the same time we are so happy (hopefully) because we realize what we have now that we didn't have back then or what we still have, friends, family, ourselves etc.
and what we are going to reach in future

time flies, people and our way to see/process things change, but the world just keeps going and seasons change.
or what do you guys think?

enjoy the moment. thank you.