Hello hearters..Okay, so this is coming from someone who overthinks her everything. It's always been one of my biggest issues.

I myself can't put it away 100%, but i can help with remembering this:

  • you overthinking isn't going to change the outcome, especially if this happend in the past
  • find a way to instantly distract yourself when you start overthinking – maybe writing something down, sing a certain song, or just say loud and clear STOP
  • you know that 5 year rule? If it's not gonna matter in 5 years or even next week, LET IT GO
  • if you have a serious problem, don't ignore it, be real and clear your mind to set things straight – when you make a decision stand by it and let go
  • focus on the positive and think about all things that can go right, instead of thinking the worst
  • if that's not easy go the other way and imagine the worst possible scenario, and if there is a way to survive that (spoiler alert there always is), let it go
  • if you know when your overthinking is the strongest, like before you fall asleep, occupy yourself with something like reading or a meditation to clear and quiet your mind

I hope some of this helps.

Wishing you a nice day.