if i said i was broken,
i would've said too much.

if i admitted how much my reflection,
broke my soul -
i would've said too much.

and if i told you about how my tears kept me company,
on my darkest nights -
i would've said too much.

oh, if i told you how shattered my heart really was,
i would have spoken far too much.

so, i bite my tongue and let my thoughts crawl on their
grazed knees
corners of my mind.

i count the fingers on my hands,
that is the word limit for today.

silly girl, don't tell them how you feel - you know they will just laugh.
oh silly silly girl, you're crazy to feel so much.

you're only seventeen, yet so "self aware"? what a joke

the voices echo, they keep taunting the way i feel

"silly girl" - i shake my head staring at my lap.

"stay silent" but for how much longer?
how long until i feel less... alone?

how much longer can my sadness keep me company?