talk is cheap, my darlin'

watch the money flow
but notice,
oh honey it stops -
when you let those pretty words roam.

oh pretty girl,
whats got you so worried for?
your words paint the world so realistic,
millet's paintings seen too flawed.

oh darling, i hope you keep talking.
you'll have little price to pay.
spectators come in to watch you speak,
the world pauses to hear the words you say.

money - it all stops when you describe the world like this,
empty people paying for happiness,
it hurts them that you notice this,

everything about them,
how could you know their every fear?
you grab a paintbrush and start painting,
not missing a single tear.

their lonely but rich,
yet still broke within their souls.

oh honey just keep talking,
you're wiser then the old.