During my (physical) sickness i couldn't do basic stuff. I couldn't really eat or drink water. I couldn't really sleep but i was always sleepy. Even walking up the stairs felt like i was running non-stop . My heart rate went from 0 to 500 pretty quick and my lungs weren't really helping me to stay up and not lose my consiousness. No, i wasn't as terribly sick as i portray it to be but i was indeed pretty bad ,nothing too serious though. It is just that metaphors have their magic to make images more vivid and clear.
My sickness made me realise a lot of stuff i didn't think i would have understood any time soon.
1. I had to be strong for all those who cared about me because they were all on the verge of crying or losing their minds.
2. I didn't take care of my body that much and if i wanted to live , i had to.
3. When your face is swollen and your body is fully covered from a rash that makes you want to rip your whole skin like some sort of old clothing, your personality is what keeps others alive.
4.Being happy in difficult situations, makes you a happier person.
5. Your smile gives others strength .
6. Not being able to eat is a whole different story than starving yourself. Not hearing my stomach make a sound for weeks, made me feel like darkness took over me.
7. Hating on my body made it hate me back.
8. If i keep hating on my body, i will end up cutting it off and deciding that i shouldn't be here in the first place.
9. You ,being sad , having depression or anxiety,being sick or slowly killing yourself, are more important to others than you want to admit or even believe.Those around you ,care about you a lot more than you see. We all have bad times and yes indeed there are exceptions when it comes to abuse and toxicity. But i am talking to the person who depression makes him/her to see everything purple or green.To see everything or everyone in one colour, when things that surround us and the people that come in and out of our lives, are colorful.
10. Shane Koyczan wrote: ''If you can't see anything beautiful about yourself ..Get a better mirror ,look a little closer, stare a little longer 'cause there is something inside you that made you keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit.'' And he is right. You are beautiful and you are amazing. And sometimes is hard to see it or most of the time. But if you are stil here , still hanging on, we are in this together. I struggle too. I am proud of you. Keep doing what you love. Hold on so that you can look up at the moon and think : ''Wow. How could i live without looking at the sun , the sky, the stars?'' Well the same goes to you. How could anyone live when they are not there to see you?

(Sorry for any mistakes.Take care people x)