Art. Is such a peaceful way to relieve stress for some people, like me. Even when you feel black and white, the colors you add on your portrait brightens up your mood. And when you see something, something that inspires you, something that you like or love, something you feel enthusiast with, you could draw a picture of it as a piece of lovely memory or just because you want to. I don't know what could make me calmer than painting the skies, or the birds that fly above them. Just like writing, or playing the piano, art plays a major role in my life.

My mother does oil paintings, even though I do not know how to work with oil paints - I still find it mesmerizing to watch her work with her magical hands. Yes, you do need a lot of patience to work with oil paints which I don't have, but I do enjoy using acrylic or the gouache colors. It dries faster than the oil paints, and I'm more practiced with them.

My 19 years old sister, Wafa Saly, who does portraits like me, inspired me to start painting again. She said, "Art is love, love is art." Indeed it really is. Even if you're bad at sketching or painting the scenery, love your works. And when you love something, that's when you get better. It's all about practicing until you reach your goal.

Once you get into that colorful world, that world where rainbows exist, that's when you truly love art. Trust me it's brighter than you think.