I kept your number safe just in case you ever did call me.
and you did and you were talking about "nothing".
but I didn't care because I was the one that you called, even if all I was was a friend and nothing more.
... little did you know all I thought about was you?
how I missed how things used to be.
but you never did care and give damn 'bout me, all you ever did was do things for your convenience.
how I missed how things used to be.
from when we were together and I little something more than friends...

and so I continued to keep your number safe just in case you ever did call me.
but you never did so all I did was wait, and wait. and wait.
so I got fed up and gave up anyways, but there sat your name in my phone where it stayed without a purpose.
and eventually when I was getting better, there you called bringing it all back again.
hoping to keep the conversation short, so I didn't have to hurt for too long. there I was once again picking up the phone for your convenience.
but when I answered my mood fell, even more, you talked about how you wanted to take your life and could handle this anymore, anymore.
I could hear your breath shaking on the other end.
I gave you all the attention I knew you deserved, you calmed down you were you once again. and I stayed with you until you were tired enough to fall asleep, worried about what would've happened if I were gone.
and so it was dawn and I stayed up once again for you, just like how we used to...