This is kind of hard for me to sit down and write, but i think it's necessary and maybe somebody needs to see this. I know I sure did.

So tonight i relapsed into something I haven't done in over two years. It's late, no ones awake and my thoughts were eating at me. I caved, i wasn't as strong as I thought. But that's okay. We aren't always gonna be okay.

It will take time, i keep reassuring myself that no matter how many times this happen there will be a time when i can say i made it through, and so will you.

It's rough, life. We all have our own struggles, weaknesses, however you'd like to put it. Sooner or later we're gonna fall into temptation, guilt, sadness, anger, simply anything. Emotions are strong and can drive us to do crazy things, which in the moment don't seem to bad.

We get in our head and in the moment think it's the only option, that it's not that bad and that it'll make us feel better in the end, bit it never does, does it?

It's okay to break, cave, give in, not all the time but sometimes it's inevitable for it to never happen; but if it does, make sure you don't leave your broken pieces left on the floor to only cut you further, pick them up and use them as a shield of protection.

You are strong, and you will get through this, you may take one step forward and three back, that's okay, because you're still moving forward. Slowly but surely.

It may seem like forever but the day will come when you look back at all the shit that was thrown at you and realize you weren't weak for giving in, you were strong for not giving up.

I hope you're all well and that maybe this could help at least one person. Have an amazing night.

Lots of Love, Makk <3