Hey lovelies!

Recently I stumbled upon this awesome article by @sparkles_and_smiles on her new idea called The Sparkle Team.

Her account and article on The Sparkle Team if you want to know more.

It got me thinking of how I try to do a lot more for We Heart It but I never do because of life getting in the way. I thought I would give this a try and I wont mind if I don't get chosen because all that matters is that I tried and the team would have others who are exceptionally great and would be a spectacular edition on We Heart It.

We Heart It was a safe haven for me when I couldn’t find anything in my life that truly understood what I was feeling. For years, it’s been here for me and I want to be more active and help We Heart It the way it helped me.

I think I would be a good edition for The Sparkle Team as I love writing and I think it is an absolutely beautifully idea that will help We Heart It. I love all kinds of writing from poetry to articles and being a part of the team will help me feel a part of something that is amazing.

About Me

❊ | I'm 16

girl, alternative, and photography image girl, summer, and beach image

❊ | I live in England

london, Big Ben, and travel image Temporarily removed

❊ | I was born in Germany but my family is from Sri Lanka

city, architecture, and travel image architecture, brown, and europe image

❊ | I love all types of music but mainly indie and sad songs

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❊ | I spend most of my time watching tv shows, movies or bullet journaling

netflix, article, and series image journal, aesthetic, and journaling image

❊ | I'm a hopeless romantic who loves a happy ending

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❊ | I am a bibliophile, I love reading romance and mystery novels

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❊ | I'm obsessed with the night sky, moon and stars

city, light, and night image moon, sky, and purple image

❊ | I drink a lot of milk tea and hot chocolate

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❊ | I'm an introvert but I love having a good time with the people I love.

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❊ | I absolutely love traveling

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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this.

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I love you guys to the moon and back and I'll return soon.

xoxo luna.

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